World’s Only USB Connection LTO
High Speed USB 3.0/SAS LTO Tape Drive


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  • High speed data transfer at maximum 300MB/sec
  • Plug and play with USB 3.0 interface
  • Available also as a hybrid model with USB/SAS interface
  • Large amounts of LTO capacity
  • Support Mac, Windows, Linux
  • With USB plug and play connection, enable maintenance without stopping the server
  • USB cable clamp prevents unexpected cable disconnection
  • Support various use
    • Backup & transfer large amounts of data
    • Archive data in Broadcast/Video/Surveillance camera/Medical
    • Countermeasure for Ransomware by managing data off-line
      LTFS3000 software is included
    • Utility package is a GUI installation package which enables operation and management of all the LTFS functions on one window.
    • No special knowledge and skills are required for data storage to LTO tape
    • Enables move/copy of the data by drag-and-drop operation from Windows Explorer or MacOS X Finder to LTO tape drive by drag & drop
    • Simultaneous operation of multiple drives

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