Archive software providing high speed archive & retrieve to LTO/HDD/ Optical Disk Archive and the off-line management function


High speed archive & retrieve

UNITEX ArchiveLT enables high speed data archive to make the maximum use of device’s performance by UNITEX unique data transfer algorithm. ItenableshighspeeddataarchivetonotonlyLTOdrivebutalsovarious disk storage such as HDD, SDD, and Optical Disk Archive*.

In addition, UNITEX ArchiveLT has many functions for handling important data safely such as simultaneous archiving to multiple devices, automatic verification after archiving, encryption of LTO tapes, etc.

* An Optional license is required when you use Optical Disk Archive.

Off-line management for the archived data

Data archived by UNITEX ArchiveLT are registered in the manage- ment information, and it can be searched at off-line. You can check thecontentsofdataandsearchyourtargetdatainlesseffort. And you can register up to fifteen any metadata for each archived data. For example, you can easily make shelf management for lots of LTO cartridges by registering the location of LTO cartridge and data’s information in metadata.

Reliable Job History Management function

The job execution result for the important data asset is stored automatically. And you can check it in Job History Management window.

【Job History Management function】
● Job execution result ● Job processing time ● Information of the input source/the output destination ● List of Job processing data ● Hash value (MD5/SHA-1) ● Performance information

* Enables to output them as a report file as well.

Consistency check for the archived data

When data is archived in UNITEX ArchiveLT, hash value of each file is automatically registered in management information. Consistency check function enables to confirm that there is no change in the archive data by recalculating the hash value of the archive data and comparing with the hash value in management information.

Automatic archiving schedule function

You can schedule and archive data automatically such as „Everyday at 6 o’clock“, „Every Friday“.
Periodical data backup etc. can be done only with the first job registration operation.

* An optional license is required to use the schedule function.

Watch folder function

Enables to watch the folders and archive them automatically when the capacity exceeds the set value. Also enables to start archiving automatically when the number of files exceeds and when the specified filename is detected. You can save disk space and reduce costs by archiving the increasing data such as shooting data of surveillance camera to LTO tape.

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